Neurology Networks tries to offer broad exposure to various topics that may be presented on the veterinary neurology board exam.

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Pathways and pathophysiology

Pathways and Pathophysiology


Vision and menace response

Pupillary light responses

Corneal reflex




Conscious and unconscious proprioception

Eyeball movement

Gag and swallow

Triceps reflex

Biceps reflex

Thoracic limb withdrawal

Patellar reflex

Cranial tibial reflex

Gastrocnemius reflex

Pelvic limb withdrawal

Anal sphincter reflex

Cutaneous trunci reflex

Cutaneous sensory distribution/ dermatomes

Urinary function: bladder filling and urination



Control of cardiac rhythm and blood pressure

Pain (superficial, deep, neuropathic)

Spinal fluid flow

Vascular supply to the brain

Vascular supply to the spinal cord

Slap test (horses)


Miscellaneous Pathophysiology

Cushings reflex

Pupillary changes with changing intracranial pressure

Spinal cord and brain injury

Spinal shock

Spinal walking

Seizure generation and propagation

Narcolepsy and cataplexy


Development of the nervous system

Horner's Syndrome and Pourfour du Petit Syndromes

Cavernous Sinus Syndrome

Syringomyelia formation in COMS

Schiff-Sherrington posture

Decerebrate rigidity

Decerebellate rigidity

Hepatic encephalopathy