Neurology Networks tries to offer broad exposure to various topics that may be presented on the veterinary neurology board exam.

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Journal Article Reviews

Images ripped from the journals


Degenerative- IVDD type I

Degenerative- IVDD type II

Degenerative- IVDD type III

Degenerative- IVDD general

Degenerative- IVDD cervical

Degenerative- IVDD thoracolumbar

Degenerative- Caudal cervical spondylomyelopathy (Wobblers)

Degenerative- Lumbosacral stenosis

Degenerative- Inborn errors of metabolism

Degenerative- Canine cognitive dysfunction

Degenerative- Degenerative myelopathy

Degenerative- Degenerative polyneuropathy

Degenerative- Sudden acquired retinal degeneration syndrome (SARDS)

Degenerative- Cerebellar cortical abiotrophy

Degenerative- Degenerative cochlear disease and other disorders of hearing

Degenerative - Miscellaneous

Anomalous- Hydrocephalus

Anomalous- Arachnoid cysts

Anomalous- Cerebellar anomalies

Anomalous- Miscellaneous anomalous brain diseases

Anomalous- Caudal occipital malformation syndrome and syringohydromyelia (COMS, SM, Chiari)

Anomalous - Atlantoaxial subluxation

Anomalous- Miscellaneous vertebral anomalies and associated soft tissue anomalies

Metabolic - hepatic encephalopathy

Metabolic - endocrinopathies

Metabolic - electrolyte disorders

Metabolic – miscellaneous


Neoplastic – primary brain and skull tumors

Neoplastic – primary spinal cord and vertebral column tumors

Neoplastic – primary nerve tumors

Neoplastic – metastatic

Neoplasia – lymphoma and other hematologic neoplasias

Neoplasia – paraneoplastic syndromes

Inflammatory – noninfectious CNS

Inflammatory – infectious CNS

Inflammatory – noninfectious neuritis

Inflammatory – infectious neuritis

Inflammatory – noninfectious myopathy

Inflammatory – infectious myopathy

Inflammatory/infectious - general

Inflammatory/infectious – testing

Myasthenia gravis

Idiopathic – epilepsy

Idiopathic – vestibular syndrome

Immune - general

Trauma – head trauma

Trauma – vertebral column and spinal cord

Trauma – peripheral nerve


Vascular - FCE and other spinal cord infarctive disease

Vascular – brain

Vascular - miscellaneous

Vestibular disease – general

Vestibular disease – otitis media-interna

Vestibular disease - central

Seizures – idiopathic epilepsy

Seizures – general

Seizures – treatment

Seizures – status and cluster seizures


Tremor syndromes

Miscellaneous movement disorders


Surgery – brain

Surgery – cervical IVDD

Surgery – wobblers

Surgery – thoracolumbar IVDD

Surgery – vertebral anomalies

Surgery – lumbosacral disease

Surgery - peripheral nerve

Surgery - miscellaneous


Rehabilitation and complementary therapies


Radiographs and myelogram

CT and CT/myelogram


Miscellaneous imaging






Exotic animals and other non-traditional domestic species

Stem cells